Competition Opportunities


In our years of teaching dance, we’ve learned that healthy competition is a desire of many maturing dancers. Although we won’t be offering a competition team, we wanted our dancers 12 and older to have the opportunity to compete locally if they wish to do so.

What will we be offering?

  • Mature dancers 12 and older the opportunity to compete locally in solos or ensembles of 2 to 4 dancers.


What is the process?

  • Dancers may express interest to their teachers before or after class or to Mrs. Heather by text or email. **Please note, all dancers wishing to compete must go through an approval process**
  • Dancers may also be recommended by a teacher, but are not required to accept the invite.
  • Teacher and Mrs. Heather will evaluate the dancer, the type of dance, and give a recommendation on the timing.
  • All dancers wishing to compete will be required to do private lessons (involving outside expenses for choreography, costumes & entry fees).