Tuition and Fees

*Registration fees are $50 per child.

Tuition is annual fee divided up into 10 payments. ADA discounts tuition (10%) that is paid in full before August 1st. ADA runs monthly payments on the first of every month

  • 1 student/class = $60 per month
  • 2nd student/class = $40 per month
  • 3rd student/class = $40 per month
  • 4th student/class = $40 per month
  • 5th student/class = $40 per month

1 student taking 4 or more classes caps off at $180

Recital Fees

Recital Fees
$200 for the 1st child
$300 per family
  • Payments are due in two installments: February and March. Half of the recital fee is due on February 15th, and the remaining balance is due on March 15th.
  • Recital fees cover: Rental of the recital facility, equipment, scenery, trophies, awards, props, sound and lights, recital theme tshirt, and one free program per family.

Costume Fees

*There will be no refunds after November 15th*

Children's Combo Classes
$160 per costume
BeBop Classes
per costume
Hourly Classes
per costume
  • Costume payments are due in two equal installments: October & November. Half of the costume fee is due on October 15th and the remaining balance is due on November 15th.
  • Any specialty dance costumes will be priced out per dance.